Professional Blowtorch (Msrp $29.99) Smoke Acc Torch
Professional Blowtorch (Msrp $29.99) Smoke Acc Torch

Professional Blowtorch (MSRP $29.99)

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This handy kitchen torch has a fuel gauge that allows the user to track the amount of butane used, a one-hour burn time, and anti-flare technology. It also has an on / off switch safety lock, should you want a continuous stream of flame without needing to hold down the switch with your finger. The adjustable flame knob, the safety lock, and the quick-fire ignition are all made with a bright red plastic to help you to easily locate them. It also features long angled nozzle that keeps hands safely away from the flame, allowing for easier and more precise maneuvering as you use it.



1. Butane is not included, so you must purchase a separate high quality butane gas canister for filling purposes.

2. Turn the flame knob to the lowest setting before refilling.

3. Wait 10 minutes for the gas to stabilize after refilling the torch.



Overall Dimensions: 5.5 in W x 2.4 in D x 8.3 in H (14 cm W x 6 cm D x 21 cm H)

Material: aluminum shell+POM gas tank+ABS base+stainless steel nozzle

Finish: black

Max. Flame Temperature: 1200 °C / 2192 °F

Burning Time: 35-40 minutes