Ofrf Nexmesh Conical Replacement Coils
Ofrf Nexmesh Conical Replacement Coils

OFRF NexMesh Conical Replacement Coils

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Welcome to the next generation of mesh coils! The OFRF nexMESH Conical coils are as innovative as they are effective in delivering flavor for days! There are two options you will read about, first is the nexMESH A1 Conical coil, followed by the SS 316L Conical Mesh coil.

The nexMESH A1 replacement coil for OFRF nexMesh Tank delivers a warm and powerful vapor with a focus on flavor! OFRF’s innovative minds made this conical design to produce a bottom-up flow of energy and airflow to maximize your vapor and focus on flavor. It features a slightly thicker wire with an operating resistance of 0.2Ω. It delivers flavor best between 75-85W.

Here is the star of the show, the nexMESH SS 316L Conical coil! If you are looking for a softer vaping experience, this is the coil for you! It delivers a cooler focused vapor that is smooth for days. The conical design also flows energy and airflow from bottom-up! Also, this replacement coil is designed for the temperature control fan in you! It is most effective up to 540°F or 280°c. For those of you not interested in temperature control, it has an effective wattage range of 55-75W. 

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  • Innovative Conical Mesh Design
  • Two Options
    • nexMESH A1 - 75-85W (0.2Ω)
    • SS 316L - 55-75W (0.15Ω)
      • 540°F/280°c
  • T.A.S. Twin Absorption Wicking System
    • Two Layers of Organic Cotton
    • Minimizes Dry Hits
  • Plug-and-Vape Replacement Design

What’s In The Box:

  • Pack of 2 OFRF nexMESH Replacement Coils