Dugout Novelty


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This is the Classic Wood Dugout that has been around for years. It has an ultra thin design and is made of beautiful Teak-wood and has a Swivel cap. Standard Cigarette Bat with screen included. No more hot ashes down your throat, the screen makes a big difference.

One side of the wood dugout holds your stash/herbs and the other side holds a cigarette bat pipe. Just push the cigarette bat into the stash side to fill the pipe. Holds approx. 1-3 puffs depending on your lung capacity. A sleek and elegant way to enjoy your favorite smoke.

Available in small and large with the correctly sized cigarette bat pipe included. The small wood dugout is 3/4 inches less in height and 1/4 in smaller in width. Not too much difference but it’s easier to light the larger bat pipe than the small one. That is, if you’re one to tend to burn your eyelashes!