Fronto Leaf Master Cigar Wrapper (Msrp $8.99)

Fronto Leaf Master Cigar Wrapper (MSRP $8.99)

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Fronto Leaf also known as Grabba, and Fanta Leaf Tobacco amongst other names is a sought after tobacco leaf originating in Jamaican cultures. Fronto is unique in its bold and potent smoke. It is both slow burning and tasteful coming in a variety of flavors or intensities. It can be enjoyed on its own, rolled up in a paper, or more commonly used in the United States as a wrapper to roll your own herbs into.

Fronto Leaf Master is one of the leading brands in the Franta or Fronto Leaf industry. It is individually wrapped with the appropriate amount of moister to keep it fresh and smokable!

Fronto Leaf Master comes in a four different flavors including Dark Medium, Sweet Woods, Palma, and Cream. Fronto Leaf is our best selling Fronto and product both online and in our physical locations. It can be hard to find a great place to buy Fronto Leaf or Franta leaves online but Urge Smoke Shop - New Jersey’s best smoke shop has you covered! For a limited time, buy your Fronto leaf online and receive free shipping another in the United States.

Fronto Leaves vary in size and shape. The typical individually wrapped Fronto Leaf Master pack comes with one leaf ranging in weight of 15 grams to 25 grams and has an average length of about 20 inches.  Each leaf is unique and therefore each package will vary slightly.

About Tobacco Leaves:

The tobacco leaves used in the wrapper of your cigars can be grown in one of two ways. If the leaves are shade grown, they will typically be smoother in texture, have smaller veins in the leaves, and should be slightly oily. Tobacco leaves that are grown in the sun will have a fuller flavor, a slight hint of sweetness, larger veins, and should have a velvet like texture.