King Of Fire Coconut Charcoal Cube Charcoal

King of Fire Coconut Charcoal Cube

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King Fire hookah charcoal cubes are a reliable non-quick lighting coconut charcoal on the hookah market. Manufactured in Indonesia, King Fire Coconut Charcoals are compressed into individual cubes for consistency and contain no sulfur so they do not leave behind a lot of ash. King Fire is a company that prides itself on being green and never harming a single tree in the making of their product. Their hookah coals are 100% natural, odor free, easy to light, and cleaner to use. Do not light using fuel or any other accelerants; use a coil burner in a well-ventilated area. They do not influence the flavor of your hookah tobacco so you can always expect a nice clean tasting hookah session. Being primarily used by either enthusiasts or Hookah Lounges, you can expect approximately 40-50 minutes of burn time per hookah charcoal since these burn three times longer than most other hookah charcoals on the market.