Mya Premium Hookah Tobacco 250G (Msrp 19.99) Hookah
Mya Premium Hookah Tobacco 250G (Msrp 19.99) Citrus Dream Hookah
Mya Premium Hookah Tobacco 250G (Msrp 19.99) Big Apple Hookah

Mya Premium Hookah Tobacco 250g (MSRP 19.99)

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Mya Tobacco is produced using exclusively German Tobacco Leaf. After many years in the Hookah Industry, MYA finally incorporates its line of originally bold shisha flavors. A combination of raw fruits and other natural ingredients you’d have never thought would be available in the market are the foundation of our just launched tobacco line.

Our first line of Premium Hookah Tobacco is composed of 6 unique flavors, ranging from the most modern fruitiest flavors to the most classic ones. Mya’s tobacco leaf is dedicatedly cut and chopped into fine pieces, yet avoiding any branches to be mixed in the final product. Our Mya tobacco consistency has just the right amount of juices, and designed to provide long lasting, thick clouds.

Big Apple - These big apples give you nothing but a heavy dose of double apple flavoring.
Citrus Dream - This dreamy blend gives you tart lemon notes with a sweet mint aftertaste.
Groovy Grape - The bold profiles of grape flavoring is hard to put down once you get this session started.
Red Dragon - A fruity blend that produces sweet watermelon with an icy finish.
Vegas H20 - You'll call your friends over for this mix of passion fruit, cantaloupe, and strawberry.
Good Time Lime - One powerful lime flavor in the front with mint and a special treat in the back.