Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit Novelties
Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit Novelties

Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit

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Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit
Also available on the Potomac Distro store, the Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit ensures you’ll convincingly get your test sample out every single time. No need to mess around with prosthetics or sketchy improvised solutions, this belt kit has all the things you need to get you through your drug test. And just like every product byPotomac Distro, it’s engineered to provide you with the best product possible, full stop.

quick fix pro belt kitThe belt itself is universally-sized. No need to go around messing with sizing charts. This will fit anyone, man or woman. It attaches easily to the waist, and comes off without much hassle either. It’s incredibly discrete, and you generally won’t notice it underneath clothing as long as you aren’t wearing something skintight.

The urine bag itself is another marvel. It’s a medical-grade vinyl bag made with biocides that inhibit bacterial growth. Did you know your urine is sterile? Your fake pee will be as well. The bag materials are also hypoallergenic and rip-safe, so you don’t need to worry about wetting yourself while you’re on your way to the testing center or anything.

If you’ve worked with fake pee before or just done your research, you know that you’ll need to make sure your fake pee is warm before handing it in. Again, there’s no need to worry. The urine bag is microwave-safe, and you can pretty much just put the whole thing in and wait. Also provided with the kit is a large adhesive heating pad that you attach to the bag, keeping it warm until it’s time to provide your sample.

And if you’re worried this is one of those “products sold separately” deals other companies do, have no fear. Quick Fix provides you with a decent four ounce sample of Quick Fix 6.2 together with the Pro Belt Kit. Good thing, too. The belt kit’s urine bag is non-refillable. Repeated uses are not recommended due to risks of damage that come with every repeated use.

How to Use
If you’ve bought your own Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit, it’s best to know the proper procedure to make the most of your product. Let’s go through it together, shall we?

1. Heating
You’ll need to make sure that your specimen is somewhere between 94 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping your sample at body temperature is vital to make sure your sample gets through unscrutinized. The simple way is to attach the adhesive heating pad and keep in contact with your skin for a while. While it does work, it takes time for the sample to get up to temperature. Luckily, there’s the nuclear option.

Microwaving your sample is quick and easy, but it’s not quite something you pop in and forget about. Heat the sample in five second bursts, waiting a little bit between heating. Continuous microwaving may raise the temperature too high, which would break down the urea and uric acid, making the sample unusable. So if you need to microwave, go ahead. Just be careful about how you proceed.

Provided in the kit is a temperature testing strip. Use it every time you take it out of the microwave to make sure you’re getting the right amount of heat. Once you’re there, attach the heating strip and put on the belt with the sample. It should be able to maintain temperature once it’s attached to you.

2. Using the Belt
You’ve worn a belt before, right? Simply put on the elastic belt and adjust it to your waist size. It doesn’t have to be too tight or anything, just make sure it’s comfortable. But don’t be too comfortable. A loose belt will sag, and you’ll give yourself away before you can even get the test started.

3. Before You Go In
Check the temperature of your sample about five minutes before you go in. You’ll want to make sure it’s at just the right temperature to hand over. You can feel how warm that is through the cup, so anything that isn’t warm to the touch is immediately suspicious.

4. Provide the Sample
Simply aim the nozzle portion into the cup and squeeze the contents out. Don’t go too hard, just try to imitate the pressure of your actual peeing. Put enough in the cup, and dump the rest in the toilet like a normal person would if they were peeing. Hand it over, and you should be home free.

In Conclusion
Potomac Distro have done it again with another great and useful fake pee product. These guys have been the best in the business for a while now, and the Pro Belt Kit is another useful and easy-to-use device for passing your next urine test. If you want to make sure you’re getting through your next drug test with flying colors, look no further than Quick Fix. You’re doing yourself a favor!


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