Scorpion Dokha Tobacco Box Of 15 (Msrp $19.99 Per Pack) Blue
Scorpion Dokha Tobacco Box Of 15 (Msrp $19.99 Per Pack) Gold
Scorpion Dokha Tobacco Box Of 15 (Msrp $19.99 Per Pack) Red

Scorpion Dokha Tobacco Box of 15 (MSRP $19.99 per pack)

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Sold by box. Each box contains 15 packs.

Scorpion Dokha comes to you from the land of Dokha.
“Scorpion Dokha” is a Pure and Original Premium Arabic tobacco blend. Scorpion uses the highest quality of tobacco in its blends by choosing crops that are irrigated by fresh water only and crops that are grown organically. The tobacco used in Scorpion Dokha is tender crop. The specialists at Scorpion hand pick the best quality of tobacco to deliver the highest satisfaction levels to their customers. It comes in different strengths and flavors.


Scorpion Blue dokha (a cool dokha) may be just right for you.
Blue is a pure pleasure to indulge - entirely smooth, cool smoking and without the harshness of stronger dokha tobaccos.  A good choice for starting your morning and for winding down in the evening time.


Scorpion Gold (a warm dokha) is sure to satisfy.
Gold packs a great rush, especially if dokha is new to you. Considered a staple for those who routinely enjoy dokha, Scorpion gold is perfect if you seek the right balance of flavor and satisfaction.


Scorpion Red dokha (a hot dokha) -  For those, who are not afraid to go to extremes, consisting of a strong flavor with a powerful stimulating experience.