Yocan Dive Mini Concentrate Vaporizer Black


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The Yocan Dive Mini is the little brother to the original Yocan Dive. This device has dual functionality and works both as a nectar collector and a regular concentrate pen. Like many other Yocan models this device has a single button which powers on with 5 rapid clicks and has 3 preset voltage settings which you can cycle through with 3 rapid clicks. These various temperature settings allow you to customize your vaping experience to your liking. The Dive Mini comes with two different heating elements. The XTAL Tip is used as a heating tip for when you want to use the device as a nectar collector. The XTAL Coil is for when you want to convert the pen into a regular concentrate vaporizer. Yocan integrated a 400mAh battery which should be more than enough to last several sessions. The device is recharged via the Micro USB port with the charging cable included in the kit. Lastly they included two different mouthpieces to choose from, the traditional stainless steel tip or a glass attachment which will preserve the flavors of the material you are using. Overall, the Dive Mini is a very versatile and awesome device!