Zig Zag Wraps Cherry Rolling Papers


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Zig Zag Cigar wraps has over 100 years of commitment to superior quality products including cigarette papers, cigar wraps, cigarillos, injectors and other tobacco and cigar related accessories. Zig-Zag Cigar wraps name dates back to 1894. Today, Zig Zag Cigar wrap is known as the flagship brand for all rolling papers, Zig Zag Blunt Wraps , cigarillos and tobacco accessories.

First off what a good deal. You receive 30 2-packs, 15 different flavors. Many of these flavors you will often not find within stores. Each flavorful is fresh and delightfully pungent. In total you revive 60 deliciously fresh wraps each.
These wraps are quite versatile for your rolling preferences. They can be wrapped for a 120mm king size cigar at max holding up to 4 grams of your favorite flower bud and can comfortably hold 1 gram depending on your roll.
The wrap can be easily cut/ripped horizontally allowing for less thick of a wrap or to use less paper for those looking to smoke as little paper as possible. You have to try Strawberry, Melon and Grape. Enjoy.

Just in case you thought Zig Zag Cigar wraps only made rolling papers, think again. Zig Zag wraps match the size of your average sized blunt, but also pack a bold flavor and welcoming smell during use. These particular blunt wraps come in individual resealable packages of two, which help prolong the flavor of the wraps in between sessions. Come and browse our store now! zig zag cigar wraps are made by one of the best companies out there. zig zag cigar wraps are packaged two to a foil package. Find great deals on littlecigarwarehouse.com  for Zig Zag Cigar Wraps Wholesale price. Shop with confidence. Zig-zag Cigar Wraps. Buy online LCWH Zig-zag Cigar Wraps: Find the cheapest Zig-zag Cigar Wraps products Compare products, check out the latest offers, discounts and get online Zig-zag Cigar Wraps ,Zig Zag Blunt Wraps Save price. little cigars give you same joy as expensive cigarettes. price way cheaper.